BIG NEWS - Although word has slowly been spreading, it is safe to say that most of you have not heard about our recent misfortune, and there seems no better place to share it with you than on our website. About two weeks ago, while driving down the Ohio turnpike a little west of Cleveland, the two rear wheels on the left side of the the RV unexpectedly left our company. As our singer Dan expertly steered us to saftey on the side of the road, we watched as one of the wheels bounced past us, through a ditch, through a small grove of trees, over a fence and into someones backyard. The other wheel rolled accross two lanes and stopped when it hit a concrete barricade. Very lucky for us, neither of the wheels hit anything or anyone, and no one was injured.

Unfortunately, the damage that the incident caused to the RV was enough that the insurance company essentially totalled it. We were given a large enough check to pay back the money we still owed on it, but now we must look for a new vehicle and have very few funds. If anyone is interested in giving us money, a van, or help finding one, we would be very excited. Please see our contacts page (link at the top of this page) and call/email any of us with any leads. Without this, we are not exactly sure how we we get around the country in the long run. If you can't afford to help us financially, we can always use your prayers, which are appreciated far more than you may realise.

Until we find a new vehicle, Mike has generously allowed us to use his SUV, which can transport all five of us and pull our trailer, so don't worry, we won't be cancelling any shows!

OTHER NEWS - If you see us at any of our remaining shows this summer, you may notice that we're travelling with a pretty impressive light show. This is all thanks to our lighting guy Matt who is donating his time and equipment to make our show look and sound better than ever. If you like what he's doing, he's available for hire in the Rochester area, and if we're any indication, he's willing to travel.


SUMMER TOUR - The Dig Project left for Ohio this morning, marking the beginning of a busy summer tour schedule. The tour will feature songs from the new EP, "Gentleman with a Handgun" (available now by clicking the link below), and performances by both TDP and The Highway Beautiful. Also new to the tour is the band's alliance with WorldVision, an organization dedicated to helping children in developing nations to overcome hunger and poor healthcare. For more information on sponsoring a child, please click the WorldVision link at the bottom of the window.

UPCOMING SHOWS - If you happen to be at Ichthus fest this weekend, come check the guys out at the Edge stage on Thursday at 3:00 PM. If not, check out one of the other shows this summer. With over thirty dates this summer, there is bound to be one near you.

MYSPACE - Over the last two years, TDP has gotten countless requests to join MySpace, but stubbornly went against the grain, rejecting the wild world of online social networking. . . However, the pressure became to great, and we have given in! Go check it out at myspace.com/thedigproject. Add us to your friends and leave us a comment. It beats our old guestbook system, and this way, we can see your face too!


The Dig Project is finally finished with Gentleman With a Handgun and we are very pleased with how it turned out. We hope you are too. We are getting very excited about our upcoming summer tour. Stay tuned for more news soon.


The Dig Project is currently in the studio with Armand Petri (Goo Goo Dolls, Sixpence None the Richer, 10,000 Maniacs) working on a new 4-song EP called Gentleman With a Handgun. This will be by far the strongest recording we have ever done.


The Dig Project is booking a full-length summer tour and has been confirmed to play at the Ichthus Festival and Pro-Life Music Fest. Keep checking our shows page for dates for performances near you. Hope to see all of you soon!


The Dig Project just debuted their new fill-in drummer. Tom Olsen, formerly of Havelock, is helping us out while Bryan is at college. Everyone should check him out this week at the Café Jericho this Saturday night. He rocks and we are pleased to share the stage with him. See the show page for more information on the Café Jericho concert.